VE Sessions

We host in-person exam sessions for becoming licences as well as upgrading to General and Extra classes. If you are interested in testing with us, send us an email! Our next Session is TBD, but if you email us with when you are hoping to have one we can make that happen!

What to Expect

We are part of the ARRL VE Program. We prepare all of the paperwork necessary ahead of time to save time. The answer sheet we use looks like this and is all multiple choice. When you arrive we ask that you have the $15 exam fee, Photo ID, etc ready. We are fairly laid back in the sense we want you to not be nervous, and do the best that you can while sill respecting the other candidates.

Field Day

Save the Date!

June 25th and 26th, 2022!

Jamboree On the Air

Up at Camp Sunrise

National Parks On The Air

Marsh Billings